Conference topics include, but are not limited to:

Co-operative economics
Co-operative federalism
co-operative individualism
Co-operative federalism
co-operatives business activities
agricultural co-operatives
co-operatives banks
credit unions
housing co-operatives
service co-operatives.
co-operatives and sustainable development
co-operatives and poverty
co-operatives and gender equality
co-operatives and inequality within and among countries
co-operatives and food security and promote sustainable agriculture
co-operatives as legal entities
co-operatives principles
co-operatives principles:voluntary and open membership
co-operatives principles: democratic member control
co-operatives principles: economic participation by members
co-operatives principles: autonomy and independence
co-operatives principles: education, training and information
co-operatives principles: cooperation among co-operatives
co-operatives principles: concern for community
non-monetary co-operatives
retailers' co-operatives
worker co-operatives
volunteer co-operatives
social co-operatives
consumers' co-operatives
business and employment co-operatives
new generation co-operatives
housing co-operatives
utility co-operatives
agricultural co-operatives
credit unions
co-operatives banking
co-operative insurance
co-operatives wholesale society
co-operatives union
co-operatives political movements
the role of co-operatives and economic crisis
co-operatives : concentration and downsizing
co-operatives : corporate governance
co-operatives: strategic management
co-operatives : change management
co-operatives: human resource management
co-operatives: risk management
co-operatives: supply chain management
co-operatives: value chain management
co-operatives: ebusiness & etrade
co-operatives: technology
co-operatives: total quality management
co-operatives : strengthening of capital
co-operatives: improving the funding
co-operatives: innovation
legal framework for co-operatives
problems of equal treatment of co-operatives members in co-operatives
theoretical and applied research in co-operativesl