Welcome to the web site of the "International Conference on Co-operative Economics and Business" organized by the Co-operative University of Kenya and Social Sciences Research Society (SoSReS).  This major international event is going to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on 22-23 June 2017.


This is a conference for those, who are interested in presenting paper in all fields of business, management, economics and finance related with co-operatives. The aim of the conference is to bring together a wide audience of academicians, policy makers and practitioners   around clearly circumscribed topics, engage participants  in fruitful debate, and facilitate mutual understanding. 


The Co-operative Movement commonly known as the Credit Union has been the driver of the financial sector World Wide and Kenya in particular with The Co-operative University of Kenya being at the centre of most of the training, research, innovation and community outreach in Co-operative and Business management affairs of Kenya.  Due to the rapid development in technology, globalization of the economy, integrated business environments as well as  increased credit union participation there is need to harness thought and insights into the contemporary Co-operative Movement with a view to discern suitable solutions that would feed the Business World and enhance the Economy.   Thus the conference invites new and original  submissions in the areas of credit unions, businesses and other related sectors  under the topics (but not limited to , strategy and policy; people power; business lending; savings; consumer behavior; investment; marketing; communication and sales culture; profitability; research, training, innovations; community outreach, governance; ict integrated co-operative and  business strategies; regulation of businesses and the economy; transport sector co-operatives; agricultural sector co-operatives; housing, and financial markets.  




Accepted full papers will be published  in the  following ejournals: