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Vol 2, No 1 , 2010

Sarah Dury & Dominique Verté & Tine Buffel &Liesbeth De Donder & Nico De Witte
“Recruiting Older Volunteers: Findings from the Belgian Ageing Studies” 

Eva Vonck & Dominique Verté & Liesbeth De Donder & Tine Buffel & Nico De Witte & Sarah Dury
“Older People and Sport, Looking Beyond the Health Perspective”  

Mária Fekete Farkas
“Vulnerability of Agriculture to Climate Change in the New Member States
 of European Union” 

Fazli Yildirim & Oktay Korucu & Ceyhan Aktas & Gokce Kule
“E-Learning Education System in Universities with Instructors’ Perspectives and a Survey in Turkey”  

Gábriel Györgyi Tőzsér & Gábriel Zoltán Szira
“Analyzing Certain Chracteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Generation in the Process of Waste Management” 

Hasan Huseyin Turan & Nihat Kasap & Berna Tektas Sivrikaya
“The Effects of QOS Level Degradation Cost on Provider Selection and Task Allocation Model in Telecommunication Networks”                                                                                                       

Ele Holvoet & Koen Lombaerts & Nadine Engels & Free De Backer & Tom Vanwing
“Lifelong Learning as a Strategy for Educating Global Citizens Within Higher Education” 

Inge Placklé & Arno Libotton & Nadine Engels & Gwendolyn Hotton
Development of Teacher Competences in Creating Powerful Learning Environments in Vocational Secondary Education”                                                                                                  

Katrien Mertens
Comparison of Ethnic Minority and Native Majority Youth in their Perception of Success in Life”                                                                                                      

Liesbeth De Donder & Dominique Verté & Nico De Witte & Tine Buffel & Sarah Dury
“Reflections about Interventions and Strategies on Increasing Feelings of Safety in Later Life” 

Melvin Allena Jabar
“How do Japanese Schools Promote Parental Involvement?” 

Moritz Hess & Jeroen Dikken
“The Association between Ageism and Subjective Age of Older People in Europe” 

Nico De Witte & Tine Buffel & Liesbeth De Donder & Sarah Dury & Dominique Verté
“Care Shortages in Later Life: The Role of Individual and Contextual Variables in Flanders, Belgium”                                                                                                                                        

Rick Hood
“Complexity and Integrated Children’s Services in the UK”

Stefaan De Smet & Stijn Vandevelde & Dominique Verté & Eric Broekaert
“What is Currently Known about Older Mentally Ill Offenders in Forensic Contexts. Results from A Literature Review”                                                                                                                     

Eva Van Moer
“Experience-Based Art Education: How Prejudices about Contemporary Art Can Lead to Enriched Education in 

Coskun Can Aktan 
“A New Social Contract -A Manifesto for a Free Society- “

Vol 2, No 2, July  2010

Amini Amir Abdullah & Shamsuddin Moner & Datuk Aziz Jamaludin Mhd Tahir
“The Concept of 1Malaysia from Islamic Perspectives”

Antonella Rissotto & Angelita Castellani & Loris Di Giammaria
“Gender and Poverty: Socio-Psychological Analysis of Female Role Models and Vulnerability Profiles” 

Derya Oktay & Ahmet Rustemli                                                                                              
“Measuring the Quality of Urban Life and Neighbourhood Satisfaction: Findings from Gazimagusa (Famagusta) Area Study”                                                                                   
Didem Ekinci                                 
“Macedonia in Europe: An Update of the Search for a Rightful Place”

Elena Briones & Juan Cosano & M. Carmen Tabernero
“Adolescent Immigrants’ Host Satisfaction in a Recent Immigration Receiving Country” 

Maria Fekete Farkas & Anna Lóránt
“Callenges and Opportunities the Insurance Industry Facing with in Relation to
 Climate Change” 

Janusz Łyko & Katarzyna Cegiełka & Piotr Dniestrzański & Andrzej Misztal
“Demographic Changes and Principles of the Fair Division”  

Mark Molnar & Maria Fekete Farkas
“Social and Economic Impacts of Climate Change Policies and Measures: A Case Study” 

Melike Erdogan
“Social Capital and Civic Participation”   

Necmiye Comertler & Funda Condur
“A Literature Survey on Environment – Poverty Nexus”  

Oya Hazer & Sevinc Sanli
“The Technology Opportunities in Everyday Life for the Elderly” 

Oygur Yamak & Burcu Sumer Inci
“The Analysis of Child Protection Services from a Systems Perspective”  

Yumiko Yamazaki & Chiemi Yamazaki
“She Looks Like Us: Representation of Idealized Ethnic Beauty in Magazine’s Images, Local Advertisement for Migrants”

Catherine Macmillan
“Conceptions of The EU and Attitudes to Turkey’s Accession in French
And British Discourse” 

Zsuzsanna Mohamed & István Szűcs & Szabolcs Takács & Márk Molnár
“The System of Environmental Damages and their Economic Effect Assessed by Way of Matrix Structure”