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Vol 4 No 1 , January 2012

Abdula Azizi
Analysis on European Future of Macedonia: The Greek Obstacles on the Name Issue

Agnieszka Pawlowska & Anna Gasior-Niemiec & Anna Kolomycew
Perception of Intersectoral Partnerships by Individual Members (The Case of Local Action Groups)

Ahmad Shah
The Post 9/11 Democratization in Afghanistan: Challenges and Expectations

Ahmet Tolga Turker
Geopolitics of Caspian Oil and Gas

Ali Haydar Senyurt
Iran Seeking for Alternative Foreign Policies Against the Prevailing Global Political-Economic System

Anita Lasmane & Signe Enkuzena
Management Training Programme Characteristics in Latvia

Azizah Mohd & Nadhilah A. Kadir
Protection of Children in Malaysia through Foster Care Legislation and Policy

Azizullah Mirzaei & Masoumeh Seyyed Rezaei
Exploring the Underrepresentation of Pragmatic Competence in the L2 Classrooms in Iran

Badruddin Hj Ibrahim
Will of Entrustment as a Means of Protection of the Child’s Right to Property in Islamic Law

Cagla Gul Yesevi
Turkish Political Parties and Turkish Nationalism

Cem Gucel & Suat Begec
The Effect of the Servant Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Case Study of a University

Eddy Gunawan
The Wage Effects on Education: An Analysis by Gender in Indonesia

Gheorghiţa Nistor & Mirela Anghel
Youngsters and Social Policies of Support During Crisis

Gindra Kasnauskiene & Juratė Seskaite
The Causes and the Economic Impact of Immigration: Empirical Evidence for Lithuania

Gira Bhatt & Roger Tweed & Steve Dooley & Jodi Viljoen & Kevin Douglas & Nathalie Gagnon & Kashmir Besla
Gender Differences in Character Strengths, Social Connections, and Beliefs about Crime among Adolescents

Gonul Icli & Pinar Kaya Ozcelik
Urban Renewal as an Urban Hegemony Project

Hamid Ebadollahi Chanzanagh & Akbar Piri & Elham Abbaszadeh Garjan
The Disabled and their Everyday Life Experiences in Iranian Culture

Imelda Sejdini & Ina Sejdini
The Impact of Growth on Poverty. Evidence from the “Jobless Growth” in Albania

Irem Askar Karakir
Rethinking the Third World: A Conceptual Framework to Understand Change and Continuity in the Third World

Ivett Polenyák
The Role of Vienna in the Life of Mihály Munkácsy, the First World Famous Hungarian Painter

Joss Steinke & Christopher Osiander
Street-Level Bureaucrats in Germany’s Federal Employment Agency – Reforms from the Caseworkers’ Viewpoint

Kamil Demirhan
Politics in the Globalization: Thinking on the Relations Between Social Capital and Political Participation

Maruti T. Kamble
Adil Shahi Mosques in Karnataka

Metin Bal & Sema Sokmen
Sartre’s Conception of Art Grounded on Humanist Existentialism and Phenomenological Ontology

Mirela Anghel
Communication as a Form of Pluralism

Mohamad Asmadi Bin Abdullah
The Entitlement of the Bayt Al-Mal to a Muslim Praepositus’ Estates; An Analysis on the Right of a Muslim to Bequeath without Obtaining a Consent from the Bayt Al-Mal

Mustafa Er
The Role of Foreign Language in the Success of Global Military Operations and English as a Global Lingua Franca

Narcisa Mihaela Stoicu & Sorin Fildan
The Concept of Professional in the New Civil Code

Nor Hafizah Mohamed Harith & Hazizan Md. Noon
Subjective Life Satisfaction among Urban Malay Civil Servants in Malaysia: A Qualitative Study

Nuray Mercan & Emine Oyur & Aysenur Altinay & Yasar Aksanyar
Does Flapping of a Butterfly in Amazon Forests Can Cause a Storm in USA? Chaos Theory and a Discussion in Accordance with Butterfly Effect

Sanghamitra Nath
What Military Deterrence cannot do, Cyber Deterrence can do to Iran: Exploring the Implications of Manipulative Incessant Usage of the Term ‘Pre-Emptive’

Sahan Savas Karatasli & Fatih Aktas & Merve Fidan & Sibel Senturk
Fragments of Nations and Nationalisms: Towards a Typology of the 21st Century Nationalisms

Shafia Azam
Food and Identity among Migrants Living in Slovaki

Sharifah Shahnaz Bt Syed Husain & Hawa Rohany & Noorzan Haji Mohd Noor
Unblock Arguments in Malaysian Sopoblogs

Shukran Abd Rahman & Hariyati Shahrima Abdul Majid & Ainol, Madziah Zubairi & Danial Mohd Yusof & Mohd. Feham Ghalib & Mariam Adawiah Dzulkifli & Nazariah Shar’ie Janon & Munir Shuib
Employability Programmes and Graduates’ Assessment of their Employabilty

Signe Enkuzena & Anita Lasmane
Management Training Evaluation Criteria in Latvia: Results from Interviews in Service Sector Enterprises

Siti Aisyah Binti Panatik & Siti Khadijah Binti Zainal Badri & Azizah Binti Rajab & Rosman Bin Mohd. Yusof
Work-Family Conflict and Work-Related Attitude: The Mediating Effects of Stress Reactions

Soo Youn, Lee
The Mediating Effect of Self-Esteem and Learning Attitude on the Relationship between Middle School Students’ Perceived Parenting Style and School Life Adjustment

Teemu Rantanen & Timo Toikko
Young People’s Attitudes towards Entrepreneurship in Finnish Society

Tshediso Joseph Sekhampu
Socio-Economic Determinants of Poverty Amongst Female-Headed Households in a South African Township

Varija R. Bolar
Turks In Karnataka

Xiaoye Li & Liangjie Li
No Man is an Island: Social Distance, Network Flow, and Other-Regarding Behaviors in a Natural Field Experiment

Vol 4 No 2, July   2012

Afridah Binti Abas
Child Abuse in Malaysia: Legal Measures for the Prevention of the Crime and Protection of the Victim

Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir & Mónika Fodor & András Medve
The Effect of the Sub-Prime Crises on Workplace Safety in Hungary Based on a Primary Research

Ahmad Bawa Abdul-Qadir & Mansur Lubabah Kwanbo
Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Banks in the Post-Consolidation Era in Nigeria

Alexey Naydenov
Heuristic Model of Taxpayer Behaviour: Theory and Methodology

Angelopoulou Maria
A Cosmopolitan Approach to the European Crisis

Arlinda Cabral & Ana Mendonça
The Economic and Technical Contemporary Paradigm and the Transition to Work of Higher Education Graduates in Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction

Baniateilang Majaw
Climate Change and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation: A Regional Response

Bulent Dogru
Factors Affecting Performance Criterions of Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey: A Probit Approach

Can Deniz Koksal & Mehmet Ozer Demir
The Impacts of Self-Brand Congruence on Brand Loyalty: A Study on Cellular Phone Users

Cem Gucel & Ismail Tokmak & Hakan Turgut
The Relationship of the Ethical Leadership among the Organizational Trust, Affective Commitment and Job Satisfaction: Case Study of a University

Cigdem Mercanlioglu
Is There a Correlation between the Leadership and Management Effectiveness of the Top Management of a Small-Medium Scaled Commercial Bank and with its Financial Success?

Cihan Tinaztepe
The Effect of Desire for Change on the Relationship between Perceived Uncertainty and Job Related Affective Well Being

Dita Stefenhagena & Voldemars Bariss
Leadership and Professionalism as Future Challenge in Public Sector University Management

Ebru Z. Boyacioglu
The Importance of Health Expenditures on Sustainable Development

Eren Erdogan & Osman Nuri Aras & Mustafa Ozturk
Does Overvalued Turkish Lira Affect Turkey’s Foreign Trade Competitiveness?

Eugene Nweke 
Reforming Without Personnel in Nigeria: Implication of “Ownership Gap” in Implementing the Monetization of Fringe Benefits in Public Sector

Farzad Rahimzadeh
Banking Sector, Stock Market and Economic Growth: Evidence from MENA Countries

Fazil Kayikci
Saving Investment Correlations and Capital Mobility: Evidence from Transition Economies

Ferika Ozer Sari
In-Depth Analysis of Marinas

Funda Ozer
The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Firm Performance -A Cross-Cultural Study Among Turkey, Russia, and Romania

H. Gunsel Dogrul
Determinants of Formal and Informal Sector Employment in the Urban Areas of Turkey

Hakan Er & Ibrahim Kaya
The Relationship between Accounting Beta and CAPM: Evidence from Turkey

Hakan Turgut & Ismail Tokmak & Cem Gucel
The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Identification and Perceived Corporate Reputation: A University Sample

Halil Kiymaz
Performance of Emerging Market Diversified Equity Funds

Imelda Sejdini
The Labour Market Trends in Albania: The Ways to Integrate a Gender Perspective into Workplaces and Labour Policies

Janusz Łyko & Andrzej Misztal
Weight Systems in a CPI Analysis

Luc Arrondel & Majdi Debbich & Frédérique Savignac
Stockholding ad Financial Literacy in the French Population

Mehmet Deniz & Seyda Nur Seckin & Mehmet Cureoglu
Two Strategic Success Factors for Firm Level Competitiveness: Innovation and Cooperation

Melissa Quetulio-Navarra & Anke Niehof & Wander  Van Der Vaart & Hilje Van Der Horst & Suliyanto, SE, MM
The Disruption and Rebuilding of Social Capital in Involuntary Resettlement in the Philippines and Indonesia

Mislim Zendeli & Blagica Rizoska Tulov
Organizational Behavior in the Macedonian Hotel Business

Mónika Fodor & Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir & András Medve
Consumer Characteristics in the Institutional Catering according to Primary Research

Mustafa Ozturk & Osman Nuri Aras & Filiz Salih Kadi
Determinants of Debt Crisis in EU and the Recovery Efforts

Necmiye Comertler Simsir
An Econometric Analysis of the Relationships between Economic Growth and Agricultural Credits for Pro-Poor Growth in Turkey

Normala Zulkifli
Determination of the Firm-Level Wage Rate: The Role of Employer-Employee Specific Effects

Okan Guray Bulbul
Unregistered Employment Dynamics in Turkey: Unregistered Employment which Phase of Informalization Process?

Oksana Melikhova
Model of Hypothecated Tax on Information Goods

Osman Nuri Aras & Elcin Suleymanov & Ayaz Zeynalov
Does Oil Income Impede Democratization in Muslim–Majority Countries?

Ozge Sigirci & Sahavet Gurdal
Looking at Perceived Value and Education Marketing from a Different Perspective: Perceived Value of Marketing Education

Rana Ismail & Faisal Nsouli & Wafic Rihan
Study and Analysis of VAT Evasion and Illegal Recovery in Lebanon

Sharifah Adlina Syed Abdullah & Rubi Ahmad
Deposit Insurance System: An Exposition for the Islamic Banks in Malaysia

Siti Aisyah Binti Panatik & Ishak Mad Shah & Hamidah Abdul Rahman
Psychological Strain as the Mediator in the Relationships between Work Design and Work Attitudes among Malaysian Technical Workers

Siti Aisyah Binti Panatik & Nurul Farhana Bt Mohd Noordin & Roziana Shaari & Siti Khadijah Zainal Badri
The Relationship between Psychosocial Stressors and Work Attitudes: The Mediating Effects of Psychological Strain

Sorin Fildan & Narcisa Mihaela Stoicu
The Legal Characters of the Sales Contract

Sudakova Anastasiya
Diagnostics of Russian Consumer Market State in Terms of Destructive Effects Influence

Zarina Vita & Strele Iveta & Fogelmanis Kaspars & Lingeberzins Eriks
The Understanding of Resilience and the Role of Entrepreneurship in its Implementation