The International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies  is a peer-reviewed international journal published  in English. It aims publishing high quality research studies in all sub-areas of economics and finance.

Being an international journal, the natural audience for the International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies includes academics, researchers, policy-makers, regulators, and practitioners. The journal accepts articles, that can be theoretical, applied, empirical, case-based or policy-oriented in the following areas of economics and finance.  There is no clear-cut borders. Topics of interest include, but are not confined rigidly to the following list:

General Economics
Economic Methodology
Schools of Economics
Production and Organizations
Market Structure and Pricing
Welfare Economics
Public Finance & Public Choice
Prices, Business Fluctuations
Economic Policy
International Finance
International Economics
Financial Economics
Labor Economics
Law and Economics
Regulatory Economics
Economic Growth and Development
Technological Change, Innovation
Research and Development
Economic Systems
Comparative Economic Systems
Other Areas of Economics