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Vol 2, No 1, January  2010

Arzu Ozsozgun & Emel Ozarslan & Halil Emre Akbas
“Insider Trading from the Perspectives of Two Ethical Theories: Utilitarianism and Kant’s Approach”

Ayse Kuruuzum & Can Deniz Koksal
“The Impact of Service Quality on Behavioral Intention in Hospitality Industry” 

Cevdet Panayirci & Fazli Yildirim
“Virtual Social Life and Related Marketing Efforts in the World of Online Games”

Çigdem Mercanlioglu
“The Relationship of Time Management to Academic Performance of Master Level Students” 

Inan Ozalp & Bahar Suvaci & H. Zumrut Tonus
“A New Approach in Logistics Management: Just in Time-Logistics (JIT-L)” 

Mazlum Celik & Akif Tabak & Murat Pasa Uysal & Unsal Sigri & Omer Turunc
“The Relationship Between Burnout and Emotional Labour of the Employees inHospital Sector” 

Mine Afacan Findikli & Adem Gulden & Fatih Semercioz
“Subordinate Trust in Supervisor and Organization: Effects on Subordinate Perceptions of Psychological Empowerment” 

Omer Turunc & Mazlum Celik & Akif Tabak & Mehmet Kabak
“The Impact of Transformational Leadership and Contingent Reward Leadership Styles on Innovative Behaviour:Mediating Role of Leader-Member Exchange Quality” 

Sherry Sabbarwal
“Factors Affecting New Venture Creation: A Study in the Indian Scenario” 

Turhan Erkmen & Sule Cerik & Serdar Bozkurt & Emel Ozarslan
“The Development of Spence and Robbins Workaholism Scale with its Validity and Reliability Measurement”  

Ajay Kr. Singh & Nisha Gupta
“Contribution Based Measurement of Human Asset for Strategic Decision Making  Using HCIS” 

Vol 2, No 2, July  2010

Asli Yuksel Mermod & Ulkem Basdas
“What Do Business Sentiments Signal: Growth Or Nothing?” 

Cigdem Boz
“Job Satisfactıon Index for  Istanbul Labor Market”  

Desere Kokt
“Towards Depicting The Organisational Culture of Universities of Technology (UOTS): A South African Perspective”

Diana Perez-Arechaederra & Luis García Ortiz & Allan Lind & Emiliano Rodríguez Sánchez
“The Influence of EFGM Practice on Health Care Workers’ Perceptions: Initial Analysis”  

F. Ceyda Aydogdu & Ezgi Uzel
“The Understanding of Workplace Counselling: A Study On University Sample”  

S. Alp Limoncuoglu & Jale Tasoglu
“Flexicurity in Turkish Labour Law and Security Law 

Maulina Pia Wulandari & John Burgess
“Trust and its Relationship to the Quality of Communication And Employee Satisfaction in a Large Indonesian Workplace: A Case Study”  

Muberra Babaogul &  Arzu Sener & Esna Betul Surgit
“An Assessment on Consumer Protection and the Consumer Awareness Level in Turkey”

Rifat Kamasak & Murat Yucelen
“The Relationship Between Knowledge Assets and Organizational Strategy Development”

Serdar Yarlikas
“An Investigation About Information Systems Outsourcing and Outsourcing Decision” 

Tuncay Ercan & Murat Komesli & Ibrahim Zincir
“Corporate Security Implementation for Mobile Information Systems” 

Yusuf Kurtoglu
“Process and Product Innovations: A Theoretical Approach”