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Vol 3, No 1 , 2011

Abbas Alavi Rad
“Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market: Evidence from Iran”

Anastasios Karasavvoglou & Persefoni Polychronidou & Theodosios Theodosiou & Dimitrios Chatzoudes
“Immigrants’ Integration in Greek Society: An Empirical Research”

Anuradha Venkateswaran
“Effect of the Global Economic Crisis on Turkish Firms”

Ari Warokka & Fernando Ubeda Mellina & Haim Hilman Abdullah
“Political Regime, Competitiveness, and Foreign Investment: An Evidence of the Euro Areas’ FDI Policies to Southeast Asian Countries”

Aykut Ekinci
“What Is the Optimum Size of Government: A Suggestion”

Behrouz Tabrizi
“The Flip Side of the U.S. Economic Recession 2007-09”

Dóra Havay & Jenő Konecsny
“The Relationship between Risk and Return in the Light of the Hungarian Private Pension System’s Performance”

Eun Young Oh
“Is Financial Repression Really Bad?”

Hemin Ashrafi
“Time Span and Criteria for Women Economic Empowerment Applicable for Turkish Grameen Micro-Credit Project”

Humeyra Burucu & Filiz Yildiz Contuk
“The Dynamics between Mutual Funds Flows and Stock Returns: Empirical Evidence from the Turkey Markets”

Hussain Al-Obaid
“The Stock Market Wealth and Consumer Spending Behaviour: Is There a Wealth Effect?”

Marta Borda
“Voluntary Health Insurance as a Method of Health Care Financing in European Countries”

Muslum Basilgan
“Experiment In Economics”

Peng Zhou
“Retirement Decisions – Evidence on Retirement Elasticities”

Razzaque H Bhatti
“On Pak Rupee Exchange Rates: Whether Stock or Flow Matters?”

Riko Hendrawan
“Application and Comparison between Merton and Garch Option Model for Barrier Option in Indonesia Stock Exchange”

Roland Toth & Maria Fekete Farkas
“The Relationship between Scarcity of Natural Resources and Their Real Prices”

Rudi Kurniawan
“Tax Smoothing Tests on Indonesian Data”

Selcuk Bayraci & Gazanfer Unal
“Continuous-Time GARCH (COGARCH) Modeling of Turkish Interest Rates”

Silvia Marginean & Ramona Orastean
“Globalization and Economic Crisis in European Countries”

Svetlana Borovkova
“Risk Management with Tail Copulas- For Emerging Market Portfolios”

Ugur Ergun & Ali Goksu
“Dependency of Turkish Exchange Rate under Accession Conditions to European Union”

Umit Gucenme Gencoglu & Gulsun Isseveroglu & Yasemin Ertan
“Bank Audits and Risk Management in Turkey”

Yakup Ari & Gazanfer Unal
“Continuous Modeling of Foreign Exchange Rate of USD versus TRY”

Zeina Al-Ahmad
“The Initial and First Year Returns Of Firms Listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange: Some Preliminary Findings”

Zsuzsanna Széles & Zoltán Széles & István Miszori
“How Does the JEREMIE Program Affect the Hungarian Venture Capital Market?”

Vol 3, No 2 , 2011

Ari Warokka & Juan Jose Duran Herrera & Haim Hilman Abdullah
“East Asian Corporate Governance:A Test of the Relation between Capital Structure and Firm Performance”

Bernur Acikgoz Ersoy & Alexander Mack & Alain Schonenberger
“Do Small Member Countries of the European Union Benefit Economically More Than the Large Countries? A Swiss Perspective”

Birgul Cambazoglu & Sevcan Gunes
“Did Credit Crunch Cause a Collapse in Private Investment?: Turkey Case”

Birgul Cambazoglu & Sevcan Gunes
“Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Turkey and Argentina”

Carlos Garcimartín & Luis A. Rivas
“The Role of Capital Flows in External Constrained Growth: The Experiences of Spain and Portugal in the Eurozone”

Cenk Akkaya & Ceren Uzar
“Data Mining and Application of IT to Capital Markets”

Christian Nzengue Pegnet & Ibrahim Faycal Fofana
“Bank Capital and Macroeconomic Shocks: A Principal Components Analysis and Vector Error Correction Model”

Feray Erselcan
“How Social Capital Helps Small Enterprise?: Implications for Regional Economic Development”

Gonul Oguz
“Europe’s Labour Mobility Problem: Can Flexicurity Be Solution?”

Ibrahim Emre Karaa
“Impact of Anchoring Bias on Corporate Profits and Shareholders Wealth”

Ilona Kwiecień & Ewa Poprawska
“Motor Third Party Liability Insurance – Polish Market in Connections to European Trends”

Ilze Upite & Irina Pilvere & Aleksejs Nipers
“Economic Evaluation of Administrative Burden for Construction in Jelgava Municipality”

Jana Kotlebova
“Euro Area in the Conditions of Global Imbalance”

Janusz Łyko & Andrzej Misztal
“Weight Systems in a CPI Analysis”

Jenő Konecsny & Dóra Havay
“The Importance of State’s Role in the Hungarian Venture Capital Market”

Layal Mansour
“International Reserves and Sterilization in Indebted and Dollarized Countries: An Effective Monetary Policy?”

Mahir Binici
“The Role of Exchange Rates in Monetary Policy Rule: The Case of Inflation Targeting Countries”

Marcello Spanò
“Is It Possible to Reduce the Stock of Foreign Reserves?”

Maria Vojtkova
“Intertemporal Approach to the Balance of Payment of the Eurozone Countries”

Nandita Sethi & Jayashree Patil-Dake
“Coping with Global Meltdown: India’s External Sector”

Nor Hadaliza Abd Rahman
“Hedge Fund Managerial Incentives and Performance”

Okan Veli Safakli & Mustafa Ertanin
“Budgetary Discipline of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in the Light of EMU Maastricht Criteria”

Orhan Kandemir & Yasar Aktas
“Importance of Microcredit in Fight Against Poverty in Turkey”