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Vol 4 No 1 , 2012

Abbas Alavi Rad & Mohammad Reza Eslami
Long Run and Short Run Effects of Monetary and Exchange Variables on Stock Prices in Iran

Abebe Ejigu Alemu & Erik Mathijs & Miet Maertens & Jozef Deckers & Kidanemariam  G.Egziabher & Hans Bauer & Kindeya G.Hiwot
Vertical Coordination in the Local Food Chains: Evidence from Farmers’ in Ethiopia

Abu Bakar Malami & Zaini Zainol & Sherliza Puat Nelson
Security Threats of Computerized Banking Systems (CBS): The Managers’ Perception in Malaysia

Adam Adamczyk
The Effective Level of Corporate Income Tax in the European Countries        

Bernur Açıkgöz Ersoy & Alexander Mack & Alain Schönenberger
Amusement Tax: The Case of Turkey and Switzerland

Cem Tintin
The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Labor Income: Evidence from OECD Countries

Chia-Jen Chang
Reviewing Fiscal Difficulties of Local Governments in Taiwan

Funda H. Sezgin
Estimation Financial Information Manipulation by Negative Binomial Hurdle Model

Funda H. Sezgin
Determining Efficiency of Investment Banks after Financial Crisis by Bootstrap Data Envelopment Analysis (BDEA): A case of Turkey

G. Cenk Akkaya & Ceren Uzar
Financial Efficiency Test of the ISE Tourism Companies: Data Envelopment Analysis Application

Hysen Ismajli & Jehona Shkodra
The Analysis of Business Failure for Small and Medium Businesses in Kosovo

Julia Włodarczyk
Cui Bono? Some Reflections on Money as a Public/Private Good in the After-Crisis Period

Kidanemariam.Gebregziabher & Erik Mathijs & Miet Maertens & Jozef Deckers & Hans Bauer & Kindeya Gebrehiwot
Is Non-Farm Income Relaxing Farm Investment Liquidity Constraints for Marginal Farms?: An Instrumental Variable Approach

Magdalena Osak & Jerzy Handschke
Private Health Insurance Product – Polish Experience in Comparison to the European State of Affairs

Sherliza Puat Nelson
Pre Fraud : An Empirical in Malaysia

Slawomir Franek
Multi-Year Budgeting – Towards the Enhancement of Fiscal Discipline

Tai-Lung Chou & Silu Zhang & Chia-Jen Chang
Discussion the Relationship of the Factors of Production and Income Distribution Between Taiwan and China

Thanchanok  Khamkaew & Coenraad C.A. Labuschagne
Sectoral Analysis of Firm Fundamental Factors and Stock Returns in the South African Equity Market

Ali Al-Drugi & Hafez Abdo
Investigating the Development of Environmental Disclosures by Oil and Gas Companies Operating in Libya: A Comparative Study

Alina Camelia Sargu & Angela Roman
A Comparative Study of Efficiency in Central and Eastern European Banking Systems

Annarita Trotta & Giusy Cavallaro
Measuring Corporate Reputation: A Framework for Italian Banks

Bogdan Ilut & Dan Chirlesan
The European Integration Process and its Effects on Banks Efficiency: Evidence from Romania

Buyung Sarita & Gholamreza Zandi & Alireza Shahabi
Determinants of Performance in Indonesian Banking: A Cross-Sectional and Dynamic Panel Data Analysis

Cem Tintin
Foreign Direct Investment, Productivity Spillovers and Labor Quality

Chia-Jen Chang & Silu Zhang & Tai-Lung Chou
Analysis the Political and Economic Factors of Anti-Income Tax Avoidance System Between Taiwan and China

Edi Cahyono & Buyung Sarita & Pasrun Adam & Femy Puspita Arisanti
The Trend and Dynamics Distribution of the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) Composite

Emre Ergun & Erdoğgan Gavcar
A Study of Factors Affecting the Room Price Proposed by Hotels to Incoming Travel Agencies: Fethiye Sample

Emre Kahraman & Gazanfer Unal
Steel Price Modelling with Levy Process

Ercan Ekmekcioglu & Osman Barak
The Effects of Financial Innovation and Development on Monetary Policy

M. Serhat Yucel & Gazanfer Unal
Mortality Modeling with Levy Processes

Maria Fekete-Farkas & Gyorgy Gonda
Neccesity and Difficulty of R&D Performance Measurement

Murat Gencer & Gazanfer Unal
Crude Oil Price Modelling with Levy Process

Nirwan Noh & Tham Siew Yean
Quantifying Barriers to Trade in Services through Commercial Presence: Selected Services in Malaysia

Normas Awang & Izani Ibrahim & Rasidah Mohd Said & Saiful Bahri Sufar
Speculative Efficiency of Stock Index Futures Markets: An Analysis on the ASEAN Markets

Nurgul Kilinc & Yildiz Ersoz & Fatma Gursoy
The Effects of International Economic Crisis on Turkish Ready- Made Clothing Industry

Petras Lickus
The Value of Social Network as Function of Number of Users

Piotr Manikowski
Volatility or Cyclicality: The Polish Non-Life Insurance Market

Razzaque H. Bhatti
On Return and Risk in Carry Trades: A Case of the Pak Rupee

Vol 4 No 2 , 2012

Aldis Bulis & Roberts Skapars
Competitiveness of European Companies in China: A Swot Analysis

Arkadiusz Michał Kowalski
Development of Clusters in Poland and their Role for Economic Competitiveness

Betul Altay Topcu & Emine Kilavuz
Revealed Comparative Advantage and Competitiveness of the Turkish Manufacturing Sector in the European Market

Cetin Onder Incekara & Seyfi Noyan Ogulata
EU and Turkey’s Energy Strategies

Elżbieta Janczyk-Strzała
Implementation of Controlling in a Non-Public School of Higher Education in Poland – Case Study

Gabriella Keczer
Governance Reforms in European Universities

Gulcin Elif Yucel & Suut Dogruel
Export Structure at the Extensive and Intensive Margins: The Case of Emerging Economies

Guler Aras & Duygu Kurt
The Effects Of Stock Option Compensation On Managerial Risk Taking Behavior And Firm Financial Performance The Global Financial Crisis From A Different Perspective

Hakan Er & Adnan Hushmat
The Impact of the Leverage Provided by the Futures on the Performance of Technical Indicators: Evidence from Turkey

Hanady Mostafa Abd El-Radi & Gamal Mohamed Siam
The Effect of the Global Food and Economic Crises on Poverty in Egypt

Hasmet Sarigul
Istanbul’s Current Status and Potential for Becoming an International Financial Centre

Inese Haite
Polycentric Development Assessment Using the Hierarchy Method

Irem Tore
What Good Corporate Governance Practices Can Turkey Learn from the UK?

Manijeh Taghilou Barzelaghi & Monireh Dizaji & Mina Mahjoub Laleh
The Effect of Transportation Infrastructure on Foreign Direct Investment Attraction in Iran

Muazaroh & Tandelilin Eduardus & Suad Husnan & Mamduh M. Hanafi
Determinants of Bank Profit Efficiency: Evidence from Indonesia

Nathalie Homlong & Elisabeth Springler
Is Vietnam the New Asian Tiger? Scoreboard and Macroeconomic Evaluation of the Attractiveness for Foreign Direct Investment

Nur Zaimah Ubaidillah & Rossazana Ab. Rahim & Farhana Ismail
The Nexus between Macroeconomics Variables and the CO2 Emissions: Empirical Evidence from Malaysian Road Transport Sector

Pavla Varvažovská & Marie Prášilová
Local Action Group as a Actors  in the Regional Administration (Results of a Case Study in the Region of the Czech Republic)

Petr Šauer & Marek Mádr
Economic Growth and Air Pollution in the Czech Republic: Decoupling Curves

Rana Ismail & Faisal Nsouli & Wafic Rihan
VAT Evasion in Lebanon: Cases and Main Causes

Robin Stuart Bell
The Identification of the Perceived Difficulties in Overcoming the Barriers to Direct Export When Moving from Indirect Export: The Case of Chinese SMEs

Samina Khalil
Do Informal Methods to Control Pollution Work? A Case of Industrial Pollution in Pakistan

Sevcan Gunes & Hacer Simay Karaalp
Exports and Economic Growth: A Sectoral Analysis for Turkey

Shahrokh W. Dalpour & Anna Soule
Interpreting Global Earth 

Tetsuro Okazaki
Punctuality: Japanese Business Culture, Railway Service and Coordination Problem

William R. Keech & Michael C. Munger & Carl P. Simon
Markets and Government: Realizing the Promise of Gains from Exchange and Cooperation

Zoltán Széles & Zoltán Maszlag
First European Movers in Regulation of Islamic Finance