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If you want a good example of why you bought a Dreamcast, take Raziel to the cliffs over the vortex in Soul Reaver and look down over the edge. The graphics here are simply incredible Soul Reaver was never lacking in the graphics department, but playing it on the Dreamcast you really do get the feeling that this was the way it was supposed to be played. As a first example of a Tomb Raider-style game on the system, you could hardly ask for more.

The quest itself for those of you unfamiliar with the PlayStation game is suitably intriguing and the story unfolds at a steady pace as you work through the enormous levels. What’s most satisfying about the gameplay is that while it shares gameplay mechanics with the likes of Tomb Raider, this isn’t just running, jumping and killing stuff.

There are some pretty convoluted puzzles that appear throughout the game, and what I liked most is the fact that all of the bosses require you beat them by solving these rather than simply hitting them on the head with a pointy stick. Progression through the game rewards you sufficiently with new abilities to keep you satisfied–and it’s not until the disappointing ending that the game ever lets itself down.

The sequel can’t come soon enough. And I thought this thing looked good on the PlayStation. Soul Reaver really pops to life on the Dreamcast. Heck, I spent a lot of the game just looking at stuff. Of course, the excellent story and puzzle-rich gameplay remain intact. And this is just the type of epic adventure the Dreamcast needs. But should you nab this game if you already beat the PlayStation version?

The only thing you’ll get out of it is a showcase title that’ll wow your pals. If you have a Dreamcast and missed out on Soul Reaver the first time around on PlayStation, get this game.

Stunning visuals, tight gameplay, a gripping story–this game has all the bases covered. The game itself may be the same as the PlayStation version, but the quality of the visuals alone makes it all worth it. Core could learn a lot from this game, and if Tomb Raider controlled like this, it’d be a much better game. A Dreamcast must-have. I feel bad for PS owners who bought Soul Reaver. This version is much more impressive. The lighting effects and colors seem twice as potent.

It has to be among the top five prettiest games for the DC at this time. The faster frame-rate does wonders for Raziel’s mobility. Not that it’s bad in the PS version, but now It looks and feels extra fluid. The only negative is the anti-climactic ending, but in light of everything else, Soul Reaver is worth the money.

Crystal Dynamics has resurrected the dead with this sequel to Legacy of Kain. With 3D action as well as additional spelb and features, the Legacy lives on! Imagine, if you will, Lara Croft as a blood-sucking, soul-devouring undead warrior, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Soul Reaver is all about The story line continues the “evil” ending from the original Legacy of Kain where the vampires won. Gone is the isometric overhead view of the first game, now replaced with a true 3D engine which lets the Soul Reaver a zombie-ninja ragamuffin with tattered clothes walk, jump, glide, fight, and devour souls.

In the preview version, the jumping and positioning mechanics needed some desperate help. There were a ton of tricky and frustrating leaps to contend with, and some serious fog clouded up the backgrounds. It may be that all of this evil will be cleansed in the final game. The developers at Crystal Dynamics are hoping that Soul Reaver’s cool new moves–like impaling vampires to the ground, then twisting in the stakes with glee–will keep previous Kain-sters happy and draw in a whole slew of new gothic gamers.

It won’t be a hard sell. The game has a definite dark look to it with dungeons, deserted temples, and mysterious villages aplenty. And the developers have added a great, new environment-morphing feature which enables you to transform the real world into a parallel shadow world at the touch of a button, altering the terrain to reveal different entryways, shortcuts, and other goodies.

One minute you’re facing a deep chasm with no hope of leaping across to safety, and the next you’re strolling down a newly formed walkway. It’s an interest-ing development for a game full of nasty but amusing ses. Crystal Dynamics knows you can’t keep a good vampire down. But how do you build upon the Kain legacy and still serve gamers well? The game is set in the grim gothic 3D world of Nosgoth.

Kain is the leader of this vampire empire. In his conquest of Nosgoth, Kain created five lieutenants to forge his legions. First born of these lieutenants was Raziel. When the game begins, vampires are clearly in control of the land. They’ve destroyed most of the human kingdoms and are experiencing a renaissance. Huge furnaces were built to blot out the sun with smoke. Each vampire legion overseen by a lieutenant was granted land.

Kain held court in a vast palace built on the ruins of the Pillars of Nosgoth. All was well until Raziel had the audacity to evolve beyond his master. Vampires in Nosgoth become more powerful as they age. They mutate, becoming less humanoid and more monstrous. Raziel received a dark gift’ -wings.

With this gift his abilities surpassed Kain s. Rain would suffer no challenges to his supremacy. For his transgression, Raziel was executed; cast into the Lake of Dead Souls – a fate reserved for traitors and weaklings. As Raziel fell into the vortex his body was devastated. Flesh melted, wings in tatters, Raziel left the material plane.

He became a creature of the spectral realm. In the spectral plane Raziel encountered the Elder. The Elder and Raziel struck a bargain; Raziel would have his vengeance against Kain for the souls of his brethren.

Thus, the first Soul Reaver was created. Now Raziel must stalk the ruins of Nosgoth feeding on the souls of his enemies as he hunts for Kain. Gameplay consists of three different elements; exploration, puzzle solving, and combat. Raziel begins the game in the spectral plane. This is where you learn how to feed on the souls of creatures to get energy. After you fill your energy bar, you’ll be able to find a gate that will allow you to shift onto the material plane. When you return to the material plane, you’ll find that things have changed.

Much time has passed from your execution to your return. This exploration is one of the compelling aspects of the game as is Raziels journey of self discovery. Puzzle solving ranges from the simple where do I go next to complex multiple step brain busters.

All the puzzles solutions are shown real-time i. Combat is very slick. To overcome hand-to-hand in a 3D environment, Crystal Dynamics created an autoface button. When autoface is engaged Raziel faces the closest enemy. Very simple and intuitive. To defeat his vampire enemies, Raziel must use items he finds in the environment. He can rip stakes off of fences to impale his foe or grab a torch off of the wall to burn them. After defeating an enemy, Raziel must feed on their souls to survive.

Another nice concept is immortality. Raziel can’t be killed. If he loses his energy on the material plane, he is shunted’ back to the spectral plane. This gives the game a real organic feeling. You don’t spend all of your time dying’ and going back to your last save. All your time is spent in the game. Character developmen is much the same. Raziel gains abilities b feeding on the souls of the vampire clan leaders lieutenants.

This gives him new innate powers that alleviate the need for inventory screens. Scattered throughout the game are glyphs. These are area affect spells based on elemental powers like fire or water. Visually powerful. Fantastic textures and environments. It seems that several of the artists creating the game were former architects. It shows. Definitely some influences from Gaudi and Bauhaus.

The–environments are great, but the effect of shifting from the specjral to the material planes is incredible.



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The original Reaver implements an online brute force attack against, as described in here [PDF]. In practice, it will generally take half this time to guess the correct WPS pin and recover the passphrase. When using the offline attack, if the AP is vulnerable, it may take only a matter of seconds to minutes. This fork supports the Pixie Dust attack which will work against modern routers, you can find a list of routers and which types of attack they are vulnerable to here. Last updated: January 3, , views.

Reaver v1. Required Arguments :. Optional Arguments :. Advanced Options :. Integration of the default PIN generators was unstable, leading to many warnings at compilation time. For the moment PIN generation has to be done externally using the scripts provided in “doc”.

It was only designed for automation scripts and this task execute the last reaver command again can be easily done internally by the script that calls reaver – p1 and -p2 reaver : Too much warnings and bugs.

Integration of the default PIN generators was unstable , leading to many warnings at compilation time. It was only designed for automation scripts and this task execute the last reaver command again can be easily done internally by the script that calls reaver.

Share Tweet 2. Buffer It was only designed for automation scripts and this task execute the last reaver command again can be easily done internally by the script that calls reaver – p1 and – p2 reaver : Too much warnings and bugs.


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